In this classical piano trio setting Alvin Schwaar, Bänz Oester, Noé Franklé visit some very familiar repertoire in an organic, loving and open way. Sometimes the three act independently – always a strong strategy for interesting improvised counterpoint – referring tangentially to a song that binds their individual explorations together. Its a musical experience that resembles the silk threads of a spider web in a gentle wind, where each part of the larger whole moves fluidly but always retaining it’s form that has been spun from it’s core. Musicality, is a sense that grows and matures over time. It is present in these three musician’s intentions and continually evolving in our ears as we together enjoy the space music can create for us simply to be.


Alvin Schwaar, born in 1994 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, starts attending piano lessons from the age of 6 in Claude Berset’s class in La Chaux-de-Fonds’ Conservatory. He begins his formation in the classical curriculum until his 14th birthday, then switches to Jazz, looking for more freedom, willing to compose his own music and to play with other people. After getting his bilingual maturity, he moves to Basel to study with Malcolm Braff in the Jazzcampus. Since he studies in this school, he also has the opportunity to work with several inspiring musicians, like Guillermo Klein, Aydin Esen, Jorge Rossy, Jeff Ballard, Mark Turner, Larry Grenadier, Mathieu Michel or François Houle. He finished his Master degree in performance in August 2019, with a project based on improvisation, involving two quarter tone pianos, synthesizers, acoustic bass and prepared drums with electronics. He’s playing in several projects (Œstetik, In Void, Immigration Unit, UJB, Schwaar – Œster – Franklé, etc…) involving a very wide panel of music genres, always seeking for new sounds and space. He recently recorded in trio with Noé Franklé and Bänz Œster, went to tour in Japan for Immigration Unit and released his first album in October 2018 as a leader with Œstetik with which they won the Jazzcontreband 2018 contest and are currently working on their second Album in studio la Buissonne. He’s part of the “Unorthodoxe Jukeboxe” Free Orchestra, since 2017, based in Basel. He also has been performing in a theater piece from Benjamin Truong (Thom Lutz) called “Werthers Lotte” and is very interested in other arts forms. He’s developing a new concept with Laura Chihaia, mixing Ravel’s music with improvisations and at the beginning of 2020, they will spend a six month artistic residency in Berlin to create their first interdisciplinary project. To keep a forward motion, he’s constantly looking for a new way of expressing himself on the piano, mixing all influences, including the poetic of prepared piano and the inspiration of sound synthesis.


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